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Hi, my name is Spencer. I'm a CS graduate focused on systems programming, Linux, and low-complexity design. Other interests: metal, hiking, guitar, rationality.

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The Past Three Years

Calendar icon February 29, 2024

Clock icon 1 min read

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It’s been a while

Since my last post here nearly three years ago, much has changed. I got a job, moved halfway across the country alone, went to DEFCON, and learned many lessons (especially about myself).

Anyways, this blog isn’t very personal so I’ll skip most of the life update.

What is happening next

I’m bringing this blog back in some capacity. I have some technical things I’d like to share, but I keep myself pretty busy these days. I won’t say to expect more posts, but don’t not expect more posts.

This blog will remain tech-focused. Future writing to be posted will revolve around a few topics: rust, NixOS, and ZFS.


Anyways, hope you’ve all been well. If you’d like to be notified about new posts, there’s an RSS feed link in the sidebar.